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12oz Unbelievable Bubble Refill Concentrate

12oz Unbelievable Bubble Refill Concentrate

  • 12oz of unbelievable bubble concentrate
  • Combine with 116oz of water
  • Produces 1 gallon of bubble solution
  • Refill for both unbelievabubble and ultra bouncing bubbles
  • Bubble concentrate bottle is 8" tall
  • Item No: 401965

  • Advancing the science of bubble technology, Uncle Bubble has done it again with these fun and amazing unbelievabubble refill bubbles. These bubble will defy physics and you won't believe your eyes with these fun and entertaining bubbles. The unbelievable bubble concentrated refill will produce 1 gallon of bubble solution when mixed with water. This bubble solution is a refill for the unbelievabubble wands and for the ultra bouncing bubbles. So stock up on this amazing bubble solution, because when you run out of the bubbles that come with the bouncer and wands you will already be wishing you had more of this great bubble solution.
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    By Sam
    San Francisco
    August 22, 2014
    Great product
    This was a great concentrate making 72 oz of bubble soap. The easy ordering and fast shipping made this purchase as one great expirience.
    ProsEasy to use, easy to order, fast shipping and processing
    By Keith J
    December 3, 2013
    I use this in my bubble shows. You've got the best price here. Thanks!
    For almost 2 years now I've been using Uncle Bubble Concentrate (mix 9 parts water to 1 part concentrate) in my professional bubble shows. I know pros on other continents who are doing the same. That should tell you a couple of things: 1. It reliably makes unbelievably big & strong bubbles able to do amazing tricks in many environments. 2. If a pro is willing to be elbow-deep in a soap solution for hours on end, getting it in our eyes, our mouth... you can be sure it's safe and mild enough for your kids to play with. Disclaimer: I would promote Uncle Bubble even if they didn't give me a discount on product as a way of saying "thanks" because I believe a high performing, tested-safe bubble concentrate is something the bubble world has been waiting for for a long time. It is ridiculous in this day and age to be shipping cheap bubble water half way around the world. Not only is the fully watered stuff disappointing to use, it is environmentally irresponsible. Uncle Bubble brand is a small company, family owned & they care about quality control. I've been waiting a long time to tell as many people that I can about a product like this. I'm also happy that this seller, over time, has offered UB Concentrate at the best price to be found on the www. Thanks for that. Keith Johnson. Bubble Artist.

    Why did you choose this?

    COMMENT: It really works. by Sara M 8/28/2016
    COMMENT: Saw people in the park using this product. Looked like fun. Bought it for my grand daughters by Janiece F 7/24/2015
    COMMENT: grandchildren by Sharon S 6/3/2015
    COMMENT: This is the best bubble juice I've ever used. by Michael R 4/2/2014
    QUESTION: Is there any difference between this refill one and the regular utlra bubble concentrate I bought that one and it was amazing bottle has a different color. by Lana T 4/20/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: This refill is the Ultra Bubble Concentrate. by Aaron H 4/21/2015
    ANSWER: Lana T: I bought the Ultra Bouncing Bubble with Gloves, the secret, to catching bubbles. All I got out of the package was a 2 oz Ultra Bouncing Bubble, which is too small. The mouth of bottle will only take the smallest wand and the thickness of the bubble is too thin to hold. I had a 4 oz bottle of Bouncing Bubble in my initial journey into bubble bouncing and it worked because of larger wand. I didn't buy any concentrate so I haven't tried that. I also bought Unbelievable Bubbles with small & large wands from Party Supplies and the small one worked well. I have some bubble concentrate but haven't mixed any yet. I've been working with my Grandson for a few months so he could blow out his candles on his second birthday which is tomorrow and he's ready. I'm game to try the big bubbles from concentrate this summer. Good luck with the concentrate, bubbles are great entertainment for young and old alike. by William D 4/20/2015
    QUESTION: Is this a true Premium solution <br />I am very disappointed in the usual watery<br />Solution and have found the word "Premium" on the bottle<br />is some key to better bubble fluid. <br />There is no such word on this bottle ? by None N 7/23/2013
    ANSWER: This Ultra Bubble Concentrate really is a high-performance bubble solution. Disclaimer: I work some for the company that makes it... that said, for 12 months I tested this concentrate - straight out of the bottle like you get it here - in my bubble shows traveling from coast to coast USA. After a dozen years of trying and home brewing every bubble solution I could find or think of... this is now the liquid I use 100% of the time. Inside and out. After that year of testing I've been more than happy to do whatever I can to promote the product. Keith Johnson. by KJ B 9/12/2013
    STAFF ANSWER: This is one of the best bubble solutions I have come across. The great thing about this solution is that it is a concentrate, so you add your own water. Add the amount of water the bottle suggests and it will be a great solution or add less if you like to make the solution have a higher "soap" to water ratio. by Aaron H 8/12/2013
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