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Rubber Ducks

Rubber Ducks & Duckies

Look through our awesome selection of Rubber Ducks that you can have for your upcoming event. People are always raving about our collection of products, so make sure you join in on the fun. From different characters and holidays, we have rubber duckies that can satisfy nearly any different themed event. Have fun shopping today!

Let The Race Begin

When most people think about these products, they think about their childhood and playing around in the bathtub. Although that is how it started out for many of us and most people that ever watched Sesame Street, rubber duckies have grown in many different ways. Aside from rising to fame as a huge sculpture weighing in at over a half ton and being nearly four hundred thousand cubic feet in size, rubber ducks have actually gained a lot of fame in racing. Many organizations around the world have used these toys as a tool for raising money. People will sponsor one of them and have them “race” through a waterway, with the first one to cross the finish line winning a prize for their donor.

Now, these toys have expanded even further with their dress and décor. Although many people prefer the classic yellow with the orange beak, there are plenty of other types and designs to choose from these days. Believe it or not, you can actually find rubber ducks for nearly any theme or holiday you could possibly imagine. They have far outgrown their traditional looks and are getting trendier by the minute.

If you have a pool, whether it is in the ground or inflatable, having a rubber duck party can really be a lot of fun. Buy all sorts of different types of rubber ducks and have all of your guests play with them in and out of the pool. Kids and adults love them alike.

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