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Residential Flagpole Installation Instructions

How to Setup a Residential Flagpole Kit

It's easy just follow these simple instructions.

Step 1: Supplies

Besides what is included with your flagpole kit you will also need: A small bag of concrete, pea gravel, and sand.
Figure A Ground Sleeve

Step 2: Ground Sleeve Installation

1. Dig a hole the depth of the sleeve plus 3 inches, the hole should be circular and have a 10 inch diameter at the top and the bottom.

2. In the bottom of the hold add 3 inches of pea gravel for drainage.

3. Add 3 inches of sand on top of the pea gravel.

4. Place the bottom section of the flag pole into the ground sleeve and put the ground sleeve in the sand with the top of the sleeve 1 inch above ground level, shown in figure A.

5. Pour concrete mix into the hole and around the sleeve to within 1.5 inches of the top of the ground sleeve, being careful not to get concrete inside of the ground sleeve.

6. Brace pole and use a level in order to insure a straight pole before the concrete sets.

Figure A Ground Sleeve

Step 3: Flagpole Installation and Assembly

1. Put the aluminum truck with pulley on the top section of pole.

2. Tighten set screws firmly.

3. Thread halyard rope through the pulley and knot the ends together to form a loop.

4. Tie the Snap hooks as illustrated in Figure B.

5. Position the snap hooks the approximate distance apart to accommodate the 3 x 5 foot flag.

6. Thread the ball ornament by the stem, not the ball portion.

7. Tighten the set screw against the stem to hold the ball in place.

8. Slide remaining sections together making sure that the truck is positioned over the cleat.

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