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Mickey Mouse Party Guide

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Planning Help

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Planning Guide

Mickey Mouse has been a children’s favorite for a very long time. Whether you want to have a birthday party with a Mickey Mouse theme or if you want to decorate your child’s room with great Mickey Mouse items we have what you need to make your party a hit. With our great selection of Mickey Mouse decorations and Mickey Mouse party favors we have all you need in one place to have a “Hot Dog Day!”

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premiered on the Disney Channel in 2011 and has been a children’s favorite ever since. With a full cast of characters; including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto. The show also features guest appearances of other great Disney characters such as; Pete, Chip “n” Dale, Clarabelle Cow and Ludwig Von Drake. The premiere of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marked the first time that Mickey and most of his friends have been computer-animated.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Ideas

Every episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse features a problem that Mickey and his gang of friends need to solve. So why not use this idea for your party? Have a scavenger hunt to find the birthday cake of presents. Start off with some great Mousekatools from our selection of party favors for all the kids to use during the scavenger hunt. Use your imagination to think of simple problems or puzzles that the kids will need to solve to move onto the next step. When the kids are stumped and can’t figure out how to move onto the next puzzle, have them yell out “Oh Toodles!” and then give them a clue to help them solve the puzzle.

Serving food at your Party

Mickey Mouse’s first words were “Hot Dog!” so why not serve hot dogs at your party. All the kid’s will surely recognize the “hot dog” song that is sung at the end of every episode, so keep with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and serve hot dogs at your party. For dessert use our Mickey cupcake tower for a fancy look and a fun treat.

Decorating with a Mickey Mouse Theme

Whether you are decorating for a party or decorating your child’s room we have a great selection of Mickey Mouse decorations for you to choose from. For a party some of our most popular items are simple table decorations that you can set at everyone’s place or cake decorations that you can use to decorate a cake with. If you want to get more elaborate we also have a large selection of Mickey Mouse Standups that you can place all over your house for the party, so that Mickey, himself can attend the party. These cardboard stand-ups work great for fun photo opportunities so everyone can take their picture with Mickey and his friends.

If you are looking for Mickey Mouse items to decorate your child’s room, try our Mickey Mouse Fatheads. The Mickey Mouse fatheads feature a wide variety of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang and work great to decorate just about anywhere. Coming with one “lifesized” wall decal and several smaller accessorizing ones the Mickey Mouse Fatheads are a great way to add some fun, easily movable, wall decorations to your child’s room. We also have Mickey Mouse dressed in baseball uniforms of several popular teams so if your child is a sports fan too try our Mickey Mouse baseball themed fatheads.

Mickey Tableware

Be sure to liven up your party with our great collection of Mickey Mouse tableware, featuring Mickey on a vibrant yellow, blue and red design. Use this great tableware collection and accessorize it with streamers and other red, yellow, and blue decorations for a great look at your Mickey Mouse party.

Now you are ready to have a great Mickey Mouse party, so get your child ready to have a “hot dog day” and be sure to be ready with your camera to capture all the special memories that this great party theme will surely result in.
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