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Meet Our Experts
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Meet the Expert Reviewers

Our experts have seen and played with just about every item we have. They know their stuff.

Now get to know them.

What makes them experts

The party supply and decorations and favors industry is always growing and changing. A wide variety of new items and party themes are being created everyday. That's why our experts are constantly out there learning about whats new and finding the best new items for you. Our experts regularly attend industry trade shows where they learn from other industry professionals, this gives us the inside information to help you pick just the right party supplies for your event.

Years at
11 years
Expertise Information: As our Head of Purchasing, Aaron is one of the founding employees of He has worked in the party supply industry since before he graduated from college.

Years at 10 years
Expertise Information: As the head re-buyer Dawn is in the trenches daily seeing what you are purchasing so she knows whats hot and whats not.

Years at
7 years
Expertise Information: Jed is one of the best, he regularly attends industry trade shows to learn all that he can about his area of expertise.


Years at 6 and a half
Expertise Information: As one of our first sales people, Josh has been with us through the good and the bad. He's our resident expert in all things Texas, he can handle any question thrown at him.

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