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Inventory Clearance Event

The inventory clearance event is a promotion designed to get rid of some of our older inventory. These prices are only available on the items that are currently in stock. For example if on our website you see we have 50 of an item in stock, the sale is only for those 50 pieces. If you order more than 50 pieces of the particular item your order will be adjusted in one of several ways:

  • If we have at least 50% of your order available to ship we will change your order to the amount that is available and refund you for what is not.
  • If we have no stock or less than 50% of what you ordered, your order will be cancelled and refunded back to the payment method that was used.
  • If we have everything available to ship - congratulations you got a great deal.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You will not be contacted in any way, letting you know that we have made alterations to your order.

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