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How To Hang Your Fathead

How to Hang a Fathead or Walljammer

It's easy just follow these simple instructions.

Step 1: Get Ready

Pick a spot. Fathead wall graphics and Walljammers adhere well to smooth, indoor surfaces. Recommended and NOT recommended surfaces are listed below. Measure. You don’t want to start only to find out you don’t have enough room. The dimensions are printed on the same sheet as your Fathead.

Step 2: Get Clean

You like clean sheets, Fatheads and Walljammers like clean walls. Use a warm damp cloth to wipe down the surface and let it dry completely. DO NOT use soap or cleaning agents. They can make your Fathead stick poorly, which means it could fall down, and that wouldn’t be good.

Step 3: Get Help

No need to call 911, just get a friend. This is important if you're putting up one of our Fatheads or life sized Walljammers. Here's why: you'll start peeling the Fathead off the sheet when you realize it's as big as you… and it's sticky. When it sticks to itself, you'll say something nasty, and then you'll wish you had called that friend. If you are putting up a Fathead Jr. or smaller Walljammer then doing it yourself is okay.

Step 4: Get It On

With help from that friend you called, start at the top of your Fathead and carefully peel it from its backing. Place one corner on the wall and slowly smooth the rest into place using minimal pressure. If you make a mistake, gently peel the Fathead or Walljammer off the wall and reposition it. Take your time and you'll do just fine. REAL.BIG. Fatheads come with a yellow plastic squeegee to help you get out any wrinkles or air bubbles. USE IT! Start from the middle of your Fathead and push out to the edges. Keep the backing in case you want to move your Fathead or walljammer to a new location.

Step 5: Get Together

Put your Fathead Wall Graphic or Walljammer up in time for the big game, surprise your child with their renovated room or complete your fan cave. Whatever you choose to do with your Fathead, you've got to show it off! Invite your family and friends over for the big reveal and take a few pictures.

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Smooth Walls
  • Painted Drywall
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Sanded Wood (without lacquer)
  • Inside, temperature controlled environments
  • NOT Recommended Surfaces:

  • Freshly painted walls. Wait 30 days after painting before you put up your Fathead or Walljammer
  • Textured Walls
  • Unpainted drywall
  • Brick
  • Cinder Block
  • Outside, non-temperature controlled environments

  • Now you have your own unique work or art, your Fathead or Walljammer will look great and last a long time so long as you followed these simple instructions.
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