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Duck River Race Guide

Running a Rubber Duck Race

One of the most fun and exciting fundraiser opportunities is throwing a rubber duck race to raise money for your organization. You can try to host one at a stream or river or you can play a game at a pool or a pond. These are great activities for guests and can be relatively easy to organize. Read through our instructions of what you need to get in order, so you can throw an awesome event for your company and sponsors.

Duck Race Planning Guide

Setting It All Up

The setup should be pretty easy. First you have to figure out what kind of ducks you want to have there. From fun themes to classic yellow to oversized, we have pretty much all types of rubber ducks available on our site for you to choose from. The more of a variety you get, the more opportunities each person will have to select a unique design that they prefer the most. Purchase them in bulk early so you can make sure they are shipped to your location a couple weeks before your event. Once they arrive, number each of them sequentially and and then sell each of them to your participants as sponsors. Keep track of who bought which duck on a spreadsheet, according to the numbers.

Once you have sold all of the rubber ducks, announce when the race is going to be held. Be sure to get any permits that may be necessary, as your township or city may have rules and regulations that you will need to follow regarding hosting these types of events. Once the day has arrived, have the participants line up to watch their duckies race down the river. Award a prize to the winner or top few finishers that cross the line. Be sure to have something setup to catch all of the ducks after the race is over, such as fish nets.

Play a Game Instead

A great alternative to having a rubber duck race is by hosting a game, which can be played in a pond or a pool. There are two main ways to do this. The first option is to number each duck and associate prizes to them accordingly, place them into the water, and have the guests select the duckies in order to win the prizes. This can easily be played with children at a party or carnival using inflatable pools. The second option is to use a pond or large pool, only number a couple of the ducks, and give away only a few larger prizes. Itís better to have more than one prize, just in case one of the winning ducks is chosen early. Charge each guest an appropriate amount to make up for the cost of your prizes and setup.

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