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Doctor Who 3D Lifesized TARDIS

Doctor Who 3D Lifesized TARDIS

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  • TARDIS outside dimensions: each side 55" wide and 108" tall
  • Inside of real TARDIS is infinitely larger, but this is just a replica
  • Made of heavy cardboard
  • High quality matte printed image
  • Requires extra processing time, see shipping calculator for details
  • Ground shipping only
  • Item No: D462761

  • Doctor Who 3D Lifesized TARDIS is a fun cardboard cutout to add to your event. A lifesized standup is the perfect way to add a unique item to your decorating. Our collection of life sized stand ups, standees, fat heads, and cutouts is second to none, whether you are looking for Doctor Who, The TARDIS or The Doctor cardboard standup you have come to the right place. All of our standups are made of cardboard and come unassembled. Some easy assembly is required for all of our cardboard standups, simply follow the included directions and you can have a full size replica of your Time Traveling spaceship the TARDIS. We also have a great collection of classic Doctor Who cardboard standups, including Martha Jones, Cyberman and Dalek Caan. We also have many of the Doctor Who TV show characters to help make your Doctor Who party complete. Our collection of cardboard standups is not limited to the main characters either, we also have Dalek Sec and Christopher Eccleston. Be sure to plan ahead when purchasing our cardboard standups because this item is printed to order, which takes 3-4 business days. So please take this into account when ordering your standee.

    Learn how to assemble your standup.
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    By Mary C
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    June 10, 2013
    Bigger and better than expected
    I purchased this for my son and didn't think that the description "life sized" would really be lifesized. He was thrilled with how big it was when we got it. It was easy to put together and the cardboard is very sturdy. We actually had to move it from his room, to the basement then finally to the garage because it was the only place it's height would fit. If you are a Doctor Who fan (like my son), then you need one of these!
    ProsThe shipping was free and very fast.
    ConsThe only thing I can think of is the size. It is quite large, but my son loves it.

    Why did you choose this?

    COMMENT: I am a real Whovian and I thought this prop would make a good photo piece for my wedding reception. by Sara S 3/15/2017
    COMMENT: It was chosen for a Weeding reception photo booth. The guests are going to leave videos to the new couple and then it will be a wedding gift. by Sharon P 8/29/2016
    COMMENT: For a special event by Allison C 8/26/2015
    COMMENT: Birthday Party. by Lyndsay H 5/4/2015
    QUESTION: Would there be any chance of the blue staining the carpet/floor? by pam a 1/6/2016
    STAFF ANSWER: Most likely no, however if you were to spill something near the base, the color could potentially bleed.... by Aaron H 1/7/2016
    QUESTION: Would a chair or small table fit inside Approx. how many people would be comfortable inside at one time? by pam a 1/6/2016
    STAFF ANSWER: The inside will end up being about 4 1/2' by 4 1/2', probably big enough for a chair or 2, and it would feel crowded with 3 people standing up inside. by Aaron H 1/7/2016
    ANSWER: If you can assemble it you might put a chair and one person inside. I doubt a table would fit. by ALAN Z 1/6/2016
    QUESTION: can you go inside it i mean is it like a small room with every wall on it? by None N 12/17/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: yes you can go inside, however it isn't larger on the inside it is just brown cardboard..... by Aaron H 12/21/2015
    QUESTION: why not put in wallpaper that looks like the interior of the tardis to make it look like the inside of the tardis is bigger tardis? by None N 11/13/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: Sounds like a very good idea! by Aaron H 11/16/2015
    QUESTION: Will the item, while still in the packaging, fit into a minivan We want to use this for a Bat Mitzvah party and I will need to transport it a couple of times. Also, can it be taken apart once it is put together then re-esembled again? by Aly G 10/28/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: Most likely no. by Aaron H 11/5/2015
    ANSWER: We had it delivered straight to the location we assembled it at so I am not sure if it would fit in a minivan. It is a bit filmsy if you plan to allow people to go inside, We had someone who built a wood frame for it so children could go in and out of it. I do not believe you would be able to re-assemble unless you had some support. The top fits on like a lid helping to hold it together. We used a staple gun to hold it to the frame. We really enjoyed it and thought the look was great. Inside it is not decorated though. by Lisa K 10/28/2015
    QUESTION: Does it really have free shipping Because when I do the shipping calculator, it says there is a $23 shipping fee. by Jeremy S 10/26/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: It should yes, we will correct this error ASAP. Thank you for pointing this out. by Aaron H 10/29/2015
    QUESTION: How long does it take to deliver? by None N 10/6/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: Depends on where you live in the country, but typically 4-7 business days. by Aaron H 10/8/2015
    QUESTION: How long does it take to assemble/disassemble? by Jeremy S 10/2/2015
    ANSWER: As an experienced engineer this is not a trivial build and it is very easy to assemble incorrectly. Plan on more than an hour and have plenty of room to assemble most importantly height. by ALAN Z 1/6/2016
    STAFF ANSWER: depending on your engineering skills, 45 minutes or more is a safe bet. by Aaron H 10/5/2015
    QUESTION: Is it sturdy? by Jeremy S 10/2/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: yes when assembled correctly it is very sturdy. by Aaron H 10/5/2015
    QUESTION: Is this hard to put together? by Molly L 9/25/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: It will take some patience but it can be done. by Aaron H 9/25/2015
    ANSWER: This is hard to put together but beautifully printed pieces and life sized Tardis, as promised. You will need 3 people to assemble - it is a job. by Lyndsay H 9/25/2015
    ANSWER: YES Very Hard by Daniel R 9/25/2015
    QUESTION: can you cut off the back of the tardis off ? by None N 7/31/2015
    ANSWER: I think you can keep off the back panel. As long as the support beams are in place, it should still stand. It's also heavy duty cardboard that folds. I suppose you could cut parts of it if you wanted. by Ashley R 8/6/2015
    ANSWER: We had to reinforce the entire thing with a wood frame because it wasn't that stable. used it with 350 children You would have to do something to reinforce it if you take off the back. by Lisa K 8/6/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: If you'd like to you probably can, however it likely won't be as stable. If you are planning on using it as a door entrance, so that it really is bigger on the inside I think that is a great idea... by Aaron H 8/6/2015
    QUESTION: is it bigger on the inside than on the outside? by None N 4/23/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: Unfortunately this item is just made of cardboard, so the inside is no larger than the outside : by Aaron H 4/24/2015
    QUESTION: how tall is it? by Chris W 2/13/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: 108" tall by Aaron H 2/16/2015
    ANSWER: 8 feet by Bonnie H 2/14/2015
    QUESTION: Do the doors open? by None N 2/5/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: They are made of cardboard and do open, They are not hinged like a typical door would be, it is just a fold in the cardboard. by Aaron H 2/6/2015
    ANSWER: Thank You by Stephen S 3/7/2014
    STAFF ANSWER: The shipping weigh of this item is 38lbs, that includes all the packaging and protective layer though. by Aaron H 3/4/2014
    ANSWER: Not very much. It's all corrugated heavy cardboard. I would say maybe 15 pounds at the most. It's quite tall though. We have it in a corner of our garage. by M M 3/4/2014
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