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Organizing a Raffle

Ideas for Planning a 50-50 Raffle

There are several types of raffles that take some effort to organize. For a 50-50 raffle, half of the money goes to the winner and the other half goes to the hosting organization. The first rule of thumb is that you need to use double roll tickets so that you can put one ticket in the raffle drum and let the participants keep the other. This will allow you to easily identify the winner or winners. Here is some other helpful information that can help you organize yours and make the event an overall huge success.

Raffle Drawing Ideas

When Should You Have One

50-50 raffles are great idea for any place where a large crowd is gathering. They can be great attractions at carnivals, fundraisers, school events, and sports games, as they get your attendees excited and help raise money for your organization. If you are going to host a raffle, make sure you order your tickets so they will mix well with your overall theme and atmosphere. For example, we have pink tickets for breast cancer awareness events and we have nearly every other color imaginable so you can match your tickets up with your team colors at an athletic event. Check out our selection of Raffle Tickets and you should definitely be able to find the right ones for your upcoming occasion.

Check Local Laws

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of planning a 50-50 raffle is any legislation that will be relevant to your situation. Both local municipalities and states themselves may have set up rules or guidelines governing who can host one and who can not. It is important to look into these regulations to make sure you are going to be compliant with them, so you do not accidentally throw a raffle event that can not be legally qualified as such. Although it may seem like a legitimate effort on the surface, it is always a good idea to check local and state laws that may apply before moving forward with hosting an event like this for your organization.