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Doctor Who Shopping Help

Doctor Who Shopping Help

If you are planning a Doctor Who party, use this planning guide to make it a memorable one for you and your guests. Find all your Doctor Who shopping needs right here at


Doctor Who Party Ideas

If you are planning a Dr Who birthday party, make it one your guest of honor will never forget. Plan a party theme to match his favorite Doctor Who episodes. How about a Dinosaurs on a Spaceship party? Decorate using dinosaur decorations. Maybe he'd like an A Town Called Mercy party. Decorate from the cowboy's line. Is it a Christmas birthday? The Doctor always has memorable Christmas specials and you can too. Plan a Christmas Dr Who birthday party by adding Christmas decorations to your party.

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Doctor Who Costume Ideas

Costume ideas for your bash include the masquerade ball queen costume from The Girl in the Fireplace, or renaissance lady from The Shakespeare Code. Or dress as a headless monk from A Good Man Goes to War, or a pirate, from The Curse of the Black Spot. Whichever theme you pick for your Dr. Who birthday party, don't forget the food and drink. No Dr Who party would be complete without fish fingers and custard. Try making marshmallow adipose and sonic screwdriver drinks can be made with alcohol or without. A TARDIS cake is relatively easy to make.

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Doctor Who Toys and Party Supplies

No matter which theme you pick for your party the definite color for any Doctor Who party is TARDIS blue. Decorate the room with blue balloons, table cloths and tableware that can all be found in party decorations. Then pick from must have cut-outs such as Daleks, Cybermen and a TARDIS. Then pick your favorite companion like Martha or Donna, and of course your favorite doctor, eleven, or maybe ten. Check out the Doctor Who page to pick your favorites. Don't forget to send TARDIS blue invitations.

If you use these Dr Who party ideas and sources your Dr Who party is sure to be a success for all of your sci-fi family and friends. Remember, plan ahead and you are sure to have fun at your party too. Take the time to sit, put your feet up and watch your favorite Dr. Who episode as well, and have fun. We are working on becoming your go to source for Dr Who party supplies so check us out and come back often.